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Crown Lands to release new album "Fearless" on March 31st

Crown Lands are born storytellers. Counter-culturalists for the 21st century, informed by a cocktail of ancient voices, social injustice, science-fiction and musical narrators from Rush to Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin to John Butler. It’s prog rock, but not as you know it – displayed in recent singles (The White Buffalo, End Of The Road, The Oracle…) and now peaking triumphantly on new studio album, Fearless.

Since meeting in 2015 at a band audition, singer/drummer Cody Bowles (a half-Mi’kmaq who identifies as Two Spirit) and guitarist/keyboardist Kevin Comeau have cultivated a diverse sonic and lyrical palette. Touchstones range from the mistreatment of Canada’s indigenous population to Buddhist meditation master Chögyam Trungpa, the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien and Dune author Frank Herbert.

Originally, they got their foot in the door with raw blues rock, on 2020’s self-titled LP. Now, Fearless takes them to new places. Synthesiser sequences sit alongside electric sitars, wooden flutes and riffy rock guitars, creating folk songs and fantasies in luxurious prog packages. As the band put it: “When we come together, it's like, what would Pink Floyd do if they jammed with Rush?”

Cut at Universal’s Toronto studio with producer David Bottrill (Rush, Muse, Tool, Mastodon) Fearless wears its ambition proudly, but it’s not a ‘hard’ listen. Rather than clobber the listener with complexity, it creates a world you want to spend time in. Lavish epics married with concise pop song ideals. The sort of excitement that nods to the cinematic visions of John Carpenter and Tangerine Dream.

Ultimately, the hope is for Fearless to open doors. To inspire new generations. To show that elegant, clever, progressive rock is for everyone – not a select few.


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