Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx's new album, "Street Lethal" on November 5, 2021. Today, the band has released the first single and music video from the album, 'Anthem For America'. Watch the video HERE:

"'Anthem for America' is a call to action for the youth of the US, who seem to have lost touch with rock music. It's a tongue in cheek reminder of how the US used to be the greatest rock n' roll nation in the world and it's up to the kids of today to 'Make America Rock Again'. Musically, we wanted to pay tribute to the sound, attitude, flair, & groove of the great hair metal anthems of the 80's/early 90's," says frontman Danny Rexon of the band's new single. Stream the new single and pre-order/save "Street Lethal" on CD/LP/Digital HERE: The LP version of "Street Lethal" is a 180g, yellow vinyl in gatefold sleeve that is exclusive to the label's webstores. Limited to 300 copies worldwide. Chock full of huge choruses, memorable hooks and riffs, and wailing, emotive guitar solos, fans of the band will be thrilled and delighted by what is on offer with "Street Lethal". Massive production comes courtesy of Danny Rexon, who, over the past couple of years, has really turned into a master craftsman in the studio. With Tobias Lindell (H.E.A.T, Europe, Hardcore Superstar etc.) handling the mix, this album is sure to resonate with old fans and new listeners alike. With “Street Lethal", Crazy Lixx surpasses all expectations for new music from the band and surpasses their own revered and celebrated catalog. It’s an album that is confident, slick, and full of passion. Here, Crazy Lixx prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re not just one of the pack, but that they are right there at the front of it. No one does what they do quite as well... Album after album, Swedish hard rockers Crazy Lixx have continuously carved in stone their reputation as true leaders of the Scandinavian led ‘80s hard rock revival. With views in the millions for popular videos like “Wild Child” and “Hunter of the Heart” on Youtube, outstanding streaming numbers for tracks like “Blame It On Love”, "Hell Raising Women”, and “XIII”, and "Wild Child" being featured in the Nicolas Cage horror movie “Willy’s Wonderland,” Crazy Lixx are steadily continuing on their march for world domination. Don’t miss Crazy Lixx while they’re on the road in support of the album either, as their live shows are a sight to behold. Upcoming dates below.

Tracklist: 1. Enter The Dojo 2. Rise Above 3. Anthem For America 4. The Power 5. Reach Out 6. Final Fury 7. Street Lethal 8. Caught Between The Rock N' Roll 9. In The Middle Of Nothing 10. One Fire - One Goal 11. Thief In The Night LINE-UP: Danny Rexon - Vocals Jens Anderson - Bass Joél Cirera - Drums Chrisse Olsson - Guitar Jens Lundgren - Guitar TOUR DATES: 2021 6 NOV - RELEASEFEST KB - MALMÖ HEADLINER 13 NOV - HELSINKI, FI HEADLINER 4 DEC - WINTER ROCKS - SHEFFIELD, UK FESTIVAL 18 DEC - STOCKHOLM ROCK OUT - STOCKHOLM FESTIVAL 2022 9-14 FEB - MONSTERS OF ROCK CRUISE FESTIVAL

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