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COBRA SPELL Release Hottest Music Video of the Year for New Single “S.E.X.”

International sleaze rock quintet COBRA SPELL strike with their debut album, '666', out December 1, 2023 via Napalm Records! With all guns loaded, the fierce ladies fire their first shot today with the release of the single “S.E.X.”, centered around lead singer Kristina Vega’s skillful, powerful sky-high vocals climaxing in a stunning guitar solo by guitar hero Sonia Anubis. The new track sets the scene on fire with what is indisputably the hottest music video of the year!

Founded in 2019 by up-and-coming guitar phenomenon Sonia Anubis (ex-CRYPTA, ex-BURNING WITCHES), COBRA SPELL‘s current lineup is completed by Kristina Vega on vocals, Twitch streamer Noelle dos Anjos on guitar, Hale Naphtha on drums and Roxy Herrera on bass. Together they have already toured with numerous established bands such as ROSS THE BOSS, ENFORCER and EVIL INVADERS, and released two globally praised EPs, 'Love Venom' (2020) and 'Anthems Of The Night' (2022). With these aces under their studded leather belts, COBRA SPELL are gearing up to introduce their first full-length, aiming for nothing less than 80s rock ‘n’ roll world domination.


“We are excited to share with you the sleaziest track of our upcoming album '666'. This one speaks about a deep desire for sexual pleasure that manifests in different ways and forms, to fill an inner emotional void.”

Watch the Smoking Hot Music Video for “S.E.X.”

Pre-Order '666' HERE

"Heavy metal essence down to the last fiber!"

(Metal Hammer, DE)

A heavily classic rock inspired intro track paves the way for the rest of the album. The essence of '666' is without a doubt untamable and unapologetic feminine power, refreshingly twisting typical lyrical themes of 80s sleaze metal - particularly present on tracks like “Satan Is a Woman” and “Bad Girl Crew”. COBRA SPELL don’t limit themselves to glam rock and heavy metal clichés with their instrumentation either - from tingling synths to a groovy saxophone solo on “Love = Love”, the band skillfully combines different 80s-inspired soundscapes. COBRA SPELL’s songwriting skills especially shine on catchy future hit “The Devil Inside of Me” and emotional “Fly Away”- the latter representing one of the slower songs on the album. Mesmerizing melodies and absorbing drum patterns are topped off by raspy rock ‘n’ roll vocals on the W.A.S.P.-inspired anthem of runaways and rebels, “Warrior From Hell”, before shredding “High on Love” wraps the album up on an uplifting note.

COBRA SPELL’s ambitious, smoking hot debut attack, '666', showcases the undisputable talent of the outfit, and is sure to settle the rising rockers’ standing in the scene. These fierce ladies take no prisoners and are now ready to take on all stages worldwide, with a hunger to put on a show that will leave audiences around the globe bewitched, speechless and begging for more.

'666' will be available in the following formats:

=> Digisleeve

=> Solid Red Vinyl

=> Black Vinyl

=> Digital Album


14.10.2023 FR – Port-jérôme-sur-seine / A.R.C.A.D.E.



Sonia Anubis – Guitars, Synthesizers

Noelle dos Anjos – Guitars

Kristina Vega – Lead vocals

Hale Naphtha – Drums

Roxy Herrera – Bass

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