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CARTTADA (formerly Motorbastards) starts a new phase in its career with a new name & album RECHARGED

Forged on the road over 13 years of history, with hundreds of shows in Brazil and Latin America, 1 authorial album and several compilations, and carrying on its back one of the most respectable tributes of Motörhead, the Rock N' Roll band CARTTADA starts a new phase in its career, with a new name, a new album, with an international label, and a long new path ahead.

Still under the old name MOTORBASTARDS, the band was formed in Curitiba in 2009 by CARLOS NUNES, then bassist of the band AQUERONTE since 1999, with the aim of providing the best of Motörhead in the form of a tribute to what in his opinion is the best rock n roll band in the world.

After some line-up changes, in 2010 guitarist Aly Fioren (SHADOW MAZE and SAD THEORY) and drummer Antonio Death (IMPERIOUS MALEVOLENCE) joined, a line-up that is consolidated until today.

In 2019, the band had its big moment when it had the opportunity to bring MOTORHEAD drummer, the great MIKKEY DEE, to Brazil, who participated in the most important edition of the MOTORHEAD DAY festival, created by the band MOTORBASTARDS in honor of the legacy of LEMMY KILMISTER and his band after his death.

During their career, between concerts and tours, the band always had the desire to compose their own songs, as all their members come from underground metal bands from the Brazilian scene and then the band starts the production of their first album, until in 2015, he released his 1st album of copyright songs, entitled "DIVISÃO ROCK N ROLL", the album was very well accepted by the specialized critics and its 1000 copies sold out in less than a year, being available today only on platforms digital.

In June 2020, during a troubled period of worldwide pandemic and cancellation of all tours and shows, the band finally finalizes their second album RECHARGED and decides to take another leap in their career, leaving aside the cover band identity of MOTORHEAD and focus on your authorial work.

With the end of the production of the album and with free time to look for partners for its release, the band receives the invitation to be part of a world record label, RTR RECORDS, with the concept “OLD SCHOOL, NO BULLSHIT”. of the bastards to give the needed boost of spirit. The band then decides together with the record company to completely change its visual concept and from September 2020 the band decides to change the name to CARTTADA, which of course reflects the roots of Rock n Roll, the games, the playing cards, adding to all the experience that the band gathered during their 13 years of touring and road!

CARTTADA arrives to put Brazilian music production back on the map, setting its work in a visceral Rock n Roll and without mincing words. Working together with RTR RECORDS, it will definitely show the world what Brazilians are made of! Of steel, strength and high doses of anabolic rock n roll!

The album RECHARGED, according to the band's FULL-LENGHT, produced and recorded during the years 2018 and 2019, is finally available on all digital platforms and also in physical format! It was recorded, mixed and mastered again by ALY FIOREN at FUNDS HOUSE STUDIO in Curitiba/PR, and represents the record of the band's musical and lyrical maturity throughout its 12-year career. Heavy riffs, striking drums, thunderous bass and intense vocals mark this new material, distilling the purest Rock n Roll feeling in the form of music! It was released by RTR RECORDS in the most diverse formats available, and the future belongs to us!!!!

Band Line-Up:

Carlos Nunes - Bass and Vocals

Aly Fioren Guitars

Antonio Death Drums

CD Track Listing:

01- When the Devil Comes

02- The Dance

03- Look Twice

04- Mina de Tamandaré

05- We are Bastards

06- Nightmare

07- Bad Reputation

08- Espelhos Quebrados

09- Beer Thirty

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