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Brazilian band HEAVY SMASHER unveils music video for the song “Sunrise Rebel”

Brazilian Fortaleza-based Heavy Metal attack Heavy Smasher just released the music video for the track Sunrise Rebel. This is the first track revealed of the band’s debut full-length, which is on its final stage of production and is set to be released in the first quarter of 2021. This album is actually the first recording made by the running line-up, composed by Nildo Gomes (vocals, Steel Hands), Nando Smasher and Diego Quântico (guitars), Luís Paulo (bass) and Bruno Rocha (drums). The music video is available to be watched at the bottom of this article.

The video was recorded in VTM Studio, in Fortaleza, where Heavy Smasher is recording and producing the album under the direction of Taumaturgo Moura, one of the most recognized music producers of Fortaleza. The video captures were made by the film-maker Fábio Nogueira and the post editions stayed under the duties of Nando Smasher himself. The band did not have any plans to record a music video while the album was in production, but an opportunity to take part on an online festival made the band to fit the recordings of a video among the plans, as the drummer Bruno Rocha explains:

“Heavy Smasher was invited to take part on the second edition of ‘Caio Indica Fest’, an online festival that gathers many important bands of the Brazilian Rock/Metal scene. Instead of simply recording ourselves playing our instruments sitting in the studio or in our houses, we realized that we had to produce a more professional video. We had the support of our long-time friend Fábio Nogueira and also of Taumaturgo, owner of the studio and the producer of our new album, to make possible the video recordings. Due to the very short time we had available to produce the video, the final result was not so good as we wanted to achieve in our debut on the audiovisual field; even so, we became very satisfied with what we could manage to do with such a diminished time.”

Sunrise Rebel, the chosen track to be praised with a music video, is one of the oldest compositions of Heavy Smasher, which is already recognized by the fans thanks to its presence on Smasher and Loud debut EP (2018). The new version of the song, which can be heard on the video, is the one that will be present on the new album, only missing a final mastering. The fact that the band members are performing blindfolded on some parts of the video can be understood with the lyrics’ concept, as the composer Nando Smasher explains:

“’Sunrise Rebel’ tells the story of a modern man who carries on his shoulders the weight of the obligation to achieve life success prior to being socially accepted. For him to reach his goals as soon as he wanted, he blindly left behind everything and everyone. Obsessed by his objectives, this man passes through a daily battle looking for success and social acceptance. After many and many years waking up to face the wilderness of the urban life, he finally realizes the harms he caused to himself and to their nearest and dearest, being himself the weapon that destroys the love of them. On the last sunrise of his life, he takes off the strip that blinded him, looks back and discovers a blood river, the blood of those that were hurt by his absence, hurry and lack of sensibility. A rebel sunrise brings to the man the hell of solitude and desolation.”

Heavy Smasher was founded around 2013 in Fortaleza by the guitarists Nando Smasher and Diego Quântico (ex-Dose Lethal), proposing to play classic Heavy Metal with some Hard Rock influences but, as the time passed, the music of the band turned into something more worked, complex and heavier. The actual line-up was established in May of 2019 with the recruitment of Nildo Gomes, singer and also guitarist for the Power/Prog Metal band Steel Hands. Heavy Smasher songs turn around the classic Heavy Metal taught by Dio, Judas Priest and Accept, but elements from Speed, Groove, Prog, Doom and Hard Rock are also aggregated depending on the influences of each band member. Despite the salad of influences, the main objective of Heavy Smasher is the search for a music with strong personality and easy assimilation. Further information about Heavy Smasher full-length debut soon will be released.

Watch below the music video for Sunrise Rebel:


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