ALCATRAZZ Unleashes Frantic New Single, “Guardian Angel”

Los Angeles-born, guitar-driven heavy metal icons ALCATRAZZ today release their new single “Guardian Angel,” taken from their upcoming fifth studio album, V. The record will see release October 15th via Silver Lining Music.

As soon as the proverbial needle has connected with the proverbial first-etched groove of V album opener “Guardian Angel,” it is quite literally pedal to the metal in the most glorious, traditional sense. Guitarist Joe Stump and guest-drummer for the track, Nigel Glockler [Saxon], front-foot it from that first split second, screaming guitar sprinting next to those thunderous drums, and then the voice of ALCATRAZZ’s new singer Doogie White tears into action, smashing the notes and hitting the vocal heights which ALCATRAZZ music demands.

“‘Guardian Angel’ is the frantic opening track of the album. It’s very fast and intense,” explains White. “It features Nigel Glockler on drums, who carries out a hell of a performance. Inspired lyrically by a biography of an old stage actress not being able to perform again, the song is a sort of lament of these difficult times; about the pain and sorrow of witnessing classic venues struggling to stay alive and the grief of not being able to perform nor attend concerts.”

“‘Guardian Angel’ is a killer opening, fast double-bass, track,” furthers Stump. “Guitar wise, it starts off with a very intricate and harmonized neo-classic influenced section, followed by a ripping solo à la Ritchie Blackmore to then go into another arpeggio section and harmony. As far as tempo goes, it’s in the spirit of early Helloween or classic Stratovarius, only heavier and meaner. Once everybody hears it, they’ll know we mean business!”

View ALCATRAZZ’s “Guardian Angel” video at THIS LOCATION.

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