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After The Fall unleash their brand new single “I Hope I’m Scaring You Now”

After The Fall unleash their brand new single “I Hope I’m Scaring You Now.” The band’s latest single is a Full-Throttle, In Your Face, hammer down, straight-up rocker that brings the essence of what After The Fall is all about. Doug Carnahan (Lead Vocalist) - "I Hope I'm Scaring You Now" is a song about falling from grace, hypocrisy, and redemption. Like many things in life, it sounds fun from afar, but when peeled back and examined, is cold, dark and chills to the bone.” “I Hope I’m Scaring You Now” single is available now at: Stream for the Single Can Be Viewed at:

After The Fall is a hard rock quartet based in Pittsburgh, PA. The band brings a massive, high energy sound that delivers high octane modern hard rock that reaches the depths of the audiences of today. Formed in 2003 the band has established a loyal fanbase and has built the foundation for long term success across the US. In 2021 the band took another step toward what they feel is the most powerful lineup yet with the addition of Jay Snider on Lead Guitar. The band is heavier and is set to unleash their special brand of modern classic hard rock to the universe. After undergoing several lineup changes over the years it's their current incarnation that has the city of Pittsburgh and cities throughout the country taking notice. With Matt Ferrante on drums, Steve Craven on bass, Jay Snider on lead guitar and Doug Carnahan on vocals/guitar, they've made a bang in Pittsburgh and surrounding regions since the addition of Carnahan on vocals back in the spring of 2012. They've shared the stage with such national acts as Warrant, Sevendust, Nonpoint, Hed PE, The Sin City Sinners, Dope, Corrosion of Conformity, Hurt, Primer 55, Saliva and more and have played in cities across the country, turning heads and recruiting new fans as if their lives depended on it. A testament to their motivation and drive to conquer the music world. ATF's sound is reminiscent of some of the great hard rock bands of the late 80's, early 90's, yet still stands out amongst their contemporaries as fresh, melodic, and just plain catchy. The songs are predominantly driving, radio friendly, hard rock songs, infused with attention commanding guitar riffs, topped off with vocals and lyrics that drive their point straight home and often through the heart.

Starting with their 2014 EP which contains their first big hit "Rumors" and followed with their full-length effort “My Confession” in the summer of 2015, After the Fall has kicked their career into high gear, winning the Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards for "Best Rock Band (3 years running) and "Album of the Year" (My Confession). The band took the virtual "Next Step" to expand their career by inking their first record deal with Pittsburgh based RFL Records & Entertainment on September 6th 2018. RFL Records released “My Confession” on November 30th, 2018 with full label backing, new packaging and promotion to reach a worldwide audience. "The album released to much fanfare across the US and Europe and that snowballed right into the bands next EP "Welcome To The New S.A." in 2019. The EP brought the band into the Covid pandemic and the racial and civil imbalances that the world was experiencing, manifested into the first single "Shut The World Out." The "Welcome To The New S.A." EP spotlighted the bands talent and diverse styles and has set the tone for the next chapter of ATF. Armed with new lead guitarist Jay Snider, the band is in the studio recording the follow-up to "New S.A." which will hit the universe in 2023. With a compliment of shows scheduled throughout the rest of 2022, After The Fall is set to bring their masterful brand of modern hard rock to the masses. Recorded by Jazz Byers at Rattleclack Studios Mixed and Mastered by Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios After The Fall shows that music is an instrument that always gives back as Matt Ferrante is the driving force behind the Rock For Life Concert Series and their mission is to provide financial support to needy individuals residing in Western PA who are suffering from life threatening diseases. Rock for Life sponsors music festivals and other music-related and general fundraising events to raise the monies necessary to support its purpose. You can find out more about Rock For Life at: After The Fall is: Doug Carnahan – Lead Vocals/Guitar Matt Ferrante – Drums Steve Craven – Bass Jay Snider – Lead Guitar


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