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Ace Frehley Emerges from the Cosmic Abyss with Frehley's Comet

The tale of Frehley's Comet begins with the cosmic alignment of musical talents. Ace Frehley, revered for his electrifying guitar work with the iconic band KISS, embarked on a solo career after his departure from the group. Frehley's newfound musical freedom fueled his creativity, and in the mid 80's, the idea for Frehley's Comet took shape. Joining him on this cosmic ride were bassist John Regan, keyboardist and guitarist Tod Howarth, and drummer Anton Fig, all accomplished musicians in their own right.

After a hiatus from the rock scene, Ace Frehley's return was met with fervent anticipation. Fans longed for his signature guitar riffs and charismatic stage presence. The comet's tail blazed anew in 1987 when Frehley's Comet released their debut album, signaling a triumphant reentry into the rock stratosphere for the legendary guitarist. The album showcased Frehley's iconic sound while introducing a fresh energy that hinted at the Comet's imminent trajectory. The album fused hard rock, metal, and a touch of glam, yielding hits like "Rock Soldiers" and "Into the Night." The synergy between Frehley's guitar prowess, Regan's basslines, Howarth's dynamic vocals and guitar/keyboard work, and Fig's thunderous drums painted a sonic canvas that resonated with fans old and new.

Continuing their meteoric ascent, Frehley's Comet released "Second Sighting" in 1988. This sophomore effort showcased the band's evolution, blending catchy melodies with a raw rock edge. Tracks like "Insane" and "Fallen Angel" exemplified their musical range and lyrical depth. The album's reception solidified the Comet's place in the rock pantheon, and they embarked on a successful tour with Iron Maiden, leaving trails of stardust across stages worldwide.

"Trouble Walkin'," (released under the name Ace Frehley, dropping the Frehley's Comet name) emerged in 1989 as an Ace Frehley solo album, featuring Anton Fig , John Regan (Frehley's Comet) and Rice Scarlet on vocals/guitar. Frehleys' sound reached its zenith, with tracks like "Shot Full of Rock," "Hide Your Heart," and "2 Young 2 Die" epitomizing their rock 'n' roll ethos. As the comet's tail blazed across the night sky, Ace Frehley's commitment to his craft shone brighter than ever.

Despite Frehley's Comet disbanding, their legacy has persisted in the hearts of fans. Ace Frehley continued his solo endeavors, leaving an indelible mark on the genre (eventually re-joining Kiss only to leave once again). John Regan, Tod Howarth, and Anton Fig also pursued diverse musical ventures, their experiences with the Comet serving as a launchpad for future explorations.

Frehley's Comet remains a cosmic beacon in the universe of rock music. Their journey, marked by Ace Frehley's triumphant return, yielded a trilogy of albums that showcased their musical prowess, creativity, and unwavering commitment to the art form. As the universe of rock continues to expand, Frehley's Comet remains an astronomical testament to the enduring power of music, forever etching their celestial mark on the sonic cosmos.

By: Josh Smith for

  • Frehley's Comet 1987

  • Second Sighting 1988

  • Live +1 1988 (EP)

  • Trouble Walkin' 1989 (Solo album featuring members of Frehley's Comet)

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