AC/DC Pwr Up Album Review

Is the band reinventing rock n roll with the release of Pwr Up? Nope, but it's a welcome return that puts a smile on your face. The groove, swing, the unmistakable vocals, and just like that you remember what made you fall in love with rock n roll in the first place.

It's been several years since the boys from down under have released an album of new material. In that time the band has experienced the death of founding member Malcom Young, Brian Johnson's hearing loss, drummer Phil Rudd's numerous legal setbacks. But just like the unwavering rock n roll pillar that is AC/DC they're back and still showing all the young kids out there what rock n roll is all about.

Is it the best Ac/dc album ever? Maybe not, but there's so much to love on this album, and in a year like 2020 what more could you ask for? Lay the needle in the groove, slip the cd in the player, or stream from whatever platform you use just be sure to crank it to ten and give thanks that we still have AC/DC!

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