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A Sonic Journey Through Time: Winger’s - Chapter One (The Atlantic Years 88-93)Vinyl Box Set

Winger, the iconic rock band that burst onto the scene in the late '80s and early '90s, has gifted fans with a beautiful time capsule in the form of their 2023 Vinyl Box Set Chapter One (The Atlantic Years 88-93). Comprising their complete Atlantic Records releases plus an additional demo album, this set is a must-have for any Winger enthusiast and a compelling entry point for new listeners who want to explore the band's early work.

The box itself is a sturdy and stylish package, adorned with the band's logo. Inside, the vinyl records are housed in high-quality sleeves, each with its own original artwork. The included booklet provides a glimpse into the band's history with rare photos and images from the band's personal archives. The most important aspect of any vinyl collection is, of course, the sound quality, and this box set doesn't disappoint. The remastered albums sound crisp and full, allowing listeners to rediscover the band's classics as if they were hearing them for the first time.

This vinyl box set is a treasure trove for Winger fans. Songs like “Down Incognito,” "Headed for a Heartbreak," and “Miles Away" showcase Kip Winger's distinctive voice and the band's musicianship. For the avid fans, it's worth noting that the box set also includes a bonus album with unreleased demos of some of the band's biggest hits, providing a peek behind the scenes of Winger's creative process.

Considering the quality and quantity of the content, Chapter One (The Atlantic Years 88-93) offers good value for the money, especially for collectors and die-hard fans. The inclusion of bonus material makes it a worthy addition to any vinyl collection.

Whether you're a longtime fan reliving the glory days or a newcomer looking to explore the band's musical journey, this box set is a must-have addition to your vinyl collection. Winger continues to soar, and this box set keeps their legacy alive in an impressive and tangible way.


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