Sinful Sinners to release "Butterfly" December 18th

‘Butterfly’ is the first release by the band ‘Sinful Sinners’, the new band created by Alex Falcone (former member of Heaven's Touch and Wind, author and composer of the album ‘AphasiA’). The album features many international special guests, such as Erol Sora from Canada and a sample from ‘AphasiA’ played by the swedish guitar hero Kee Marcello, resulting in a classical melodic hard rock project, with many influences from classical music, progressive rock and many other styles. Recorded and mixed between 2018 and 2020 at Rock Royce Studios, the album was produced by Alex Falcone and Sinful Sinners. Bio: Sinful Sinners were born as an evolution from Sweet Lorraine, a tribute project to Uriah Heep's music. Created by Alex Falcone after he took part, as a live performer, in the John Lawton's Band (Uriah Heep former singer) and fell in love with that kind of music. The 'Sweet Lorraine' project built by Alex Falcone has allowed his musicians to gain considerable experience, and play all over Europe for over ten years. The particular harmony, both human and musical, between the members of Sweet Lorraine has given them the desire to take a step forward and develop an original project that preserves that vintage touch, but with an eye to modernity. Since not all Sweet Lorraine musicians were ready to face such an interesting but demanding process as the development of an original music project, Alessandro Cernivani was recruited on guitars. They just needed to find a vocalist who was right for the project that was shaping up, and after many auditions and a lot of research, Kevin Reeves from (USA) was chosen, which led to a web collaboration to the desired result. After a long songwriting work by Alex Falcone and many rehearsals with the new band for the development and final arrangement of the ideas, Sinful Sinners finally arrived in the studio to record this album, which took about two years between recording, mixing and mastering. The final product is an album that takes us back to the seventies in terms of sounds and instruments used (Hammond Organ, Moog Synthesizer, Fender Jazz Bass), as well as some old school progressive elements but using a modern musical idea, filtered by the the musicians experience, different tastes and musical paths. Currently Sinful Sinners cannot play live shows because of the difficulties created by the Covid-19 pandemic, but they hope for a better future to take this project on the road with a new singer and are developing ideas for their new album too. So, stay tuned! Band Line-Up: Alex Falcone: Hammond Organ, Synthesizers, Piano, Backing Vocals Alessandro Cernivani: Guitars, Backing Vocals Sergio Sigoni: Drums, Backing Vocals Gianluca Sossi: Bass Guitar Kevin Reeves: Lead Vocals

CD Track Listing: 1. Flying Higher 2. Butterfly 3. World On Fire 4. Laughing In Paradise 5. Catwalk To The Moon 6. Babylon 7. Breakdown 8. It's Raining In My Mind 9. The Endless Wait 10. No Sorrow 11. Joy Ride Down A One Way Street 12. My Heart Web and Social Media links:

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