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Marenna-Meister releases new video for :I Don't Want To Lose You"

Marenna-Meister, new project by singer Rod Marenna (Marenna) and guitarist Alex Meister (ex-Pleasure Maker / Alex Meister Solo), debuts the new video clip for "I Don't Wanna Lose You". The track is part of the debut album "Out Of Reach", which was released on September 28th by the Danish label Lions Pride Music and is now available on all digital platforms. The disc features 10 extremely powerful tracks with the 80's Hard Rock and Hair Metal energy.

With the most intense vibrations, combining their experiences of more than 25 years dedicated to this style, the band talks about the repercussion of the debut album: "We wanted a kind of 'revival' to everything that we have done all these years, but with our face and our impression of today.With all our experience we realized that there is a very specific niche of people who connect with this nostalgic atmosphere, and who, in a way, look for materials in this style, that is, or, as a rule, a disc We and these people, who are somehow going to connect, and that's what has happened, We are receiving great feedback from those who listen to the album and watch the videos. We want to transport people into this atmosphere, and I think we are doing it, with scores between 08 and 10 by the specialized vehicles, fans posting the CD and link to the songs and really connecting with the work, it's been very rewarding ". The CD, which came out only in Europe, Asia and North America, can be purchased through the band's website, at this link.

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