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Kult Of The Skull God Shares Video For Album Title Track "The Great Magini"

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and all the people of this enslaved World…Let me raise my top hat high to salute you all. May I introduce myself? I’m The Great Magini, wizard and demon.Let me guide you through a journey to the forlorn lands of desperation and demise! Fancy a ride? KULT OF THE SKULL GOD latest album "The Great Magini"

Seeking a pure rock n’ roll sound away from the electronic elements of their previous band, Army Of The Universe's vocalist Lord Kalidon and guitarist Davide Tavecchia have returned with KULT OF THE SKULL GOD. Armed with the drummer Joey Amato they have energized their infrangible attitude, fury and raw talent to save the world from mumble rappers, auto tuned pop stars and rock mediocrity.

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