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WILDSTREET release official video for single 'Still Love You'

WILDSTREET release official video for single 'Still Love You', out now on Golden Robot Records. Check out the video here:

Having recently signed to Golden Robot Records, WILDSTREET has now released the official video for their new single Still Love You. Trading in their usual hard rock guitars for acoustic instruments, the song optimistically reflects on lost love and heartache. The Prince inspired ending guitar solo by the band’s singer, Eric Jayk, reminds the listener that love songs still rock! Still Love You has been released as part of WILDSTREET's highly anticipated full-length album Wildstreet III, which will be out on Golden Robot Records in 2021. WILDSTREET was featured in Billboard magazine in July. With festival dates booked in the UK, Mexico, Colombia, Europe and USA WILDSTREET will resume their planned ‘Kings Of World Tour’ next year. "Armed with big choruses, blazing guitar solos, and powerful melodies, WILDSTREET is a sex-fuelled rock n roll explosion beckoning the glory days of 80s arena rock." - Twelv Magazine

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