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Michael Des Barres and The Mistakes Release New EP 'Live'

People longing to hear the pure rock n roll music that came out of the 70’s will sit up and pay attention to the new ‘LIVE!’ Ep from Michael Des Barres and the Mistakes. Six carefully chosen songs that will bring back the sounds of Led Zeppelin, The Faces, T. Rex and Motown, presented with energy and showmanship only those true Rock veterans know how to deliver.

This collection of covers, from he likes of Powerstation, Detective Man and the classic Marvin Gaye are artfully mastered and presented with MDB’s own personal style and rasp. Captured live, from the Los Angeles club scene, it is available digitally now, for the first time, with the vinyl edition coming in 2021 from Golden Robot/Die Laughing Records. If you were one of the half million viewers of the documentary “Michael Des Barres: Who Do You Want Me To Be” then this Ep will complete your education on the true punk spirit of Michael Des Barres and The Mistakes. ‘LIVE!’ is available on all streaming platforms NOW!

Listen to 'Get It On (Bang A Gong)' HERE


MICHAEL PHILIP DES BARRES was born January 24th, the 26th Marquis Des Barres, and became an English actor and rock singer. Some people will always remember him as the sunglasses wearing pupil from ‘To Sir With Love’ and some, like the Go, Go, Go Girl, will remember him in red leather pants fronting POWER STATION at 1985’s “Live Aid”. Die Laughing’s Dave Dalton, remembers him with his band SILVERHEAD in 1973, and meeting him briefly in LA, as well as some years later with DETECTIVE (on Led Zeppelin’s Swan Song Records) at ‘The Old Waldorf’ In 1977. Still others remember the character he created “Murdoc” on the ABC MacGyver series, that spanned into the CBS reboot. However, you know this man, his career has spanned almost 50 years.

DES BARRES and DLR are backing this collaboration to showcase Michael and his band THE MISTAKES to a whole new fan base, the “Millennials” if you will. We know the “Hot Topic” era punks will embrace his past works such as SILVERHEAD, CHEQUERED PAST and DETECTIVE, and the street punk sound Michael has now perfected with THE MISTAKES. Die Laughing Records are looking forward to releasing more new music, including a ‘Live’ EP in 2020 to a new and nostalgic audience.

You can also catch Mr. Des Barres on Sirius radio where he hosts "The Michael Des Barres Program"every weekday morning from 8–11 AM ET with a replay every weekday evening from 9- midnight PT on Little Steven's Underground Garage (SiriusXM Channel 21).

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