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Brake Loose Release New Video For “Dublin Daze”

Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Brake Loose is a four-piece Hard Rock/Alternative Rock band with a penchant for including dark and provocative poetry between songs. Formed in 2019, they’ve gigged extensively throughout Dublin, establishing themselves as a notable force on the Irish Rock scene.

Known for their intense and captivating live shows, Brake Loose are led by reckless Venezuelan Frontman Alex Murillo, with his rough melodic tunes and theatrical vocal style.

Like a true Frontman, he engages the audience from the lip of the stage with his energetic performance, armed with his tambourine and maracas. Accompanied by Rob Higgins on guitar, Eoin James Madden on bass, and Dan Crowe on drums, they lay down madness dripping with head-banging grooves, catchy riffs, and electrifying solos.

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