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SILENT WINTER to release vinyl edition of the album “The Circles of Hell”

SILENT WINTER – Vinyl edition of the “The Circles of Hell” album and new album preparations

Silent Winter, the power metal band from Thessaly, Greece, is going to release the vinyl edition of its extremely successful debut album, “The Circles of Hell”, on October 2, 2020 via the Vinylstore label, which has the rights of the exclusive distribution of the album.

The album, which has already charted a great course and has drawn rave reviews worldwide, will be available in three different vinyl editions (red vinyl, black vinyl and the red vinyl/T-Shirt bundle) and in limited copies.

You can order it here:

In other Silent Winter news, the band is currently working on its next studio album, due to be released in 2021, and is searching for a new record label – negotiations have already begun!

The much-anticipated new album will include eight compositions, Dionisis Christodoulatos is at the production helm and recordings (guitars, bass guitar and drums) are made at the Kalovidouris Sound and Light Rec Studio in Volos, Thessaly, while vocals are recorded in CFN Recordings Studio in Athens, where the new album will be mixed and mastered.

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