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Denmark rockers HOUSE OF SECRETS release album "Keyhole"

From the depths of the danish mud House Of secrets releases their first full album “Keyhole”. The album is a grungy hard rock album with a dabble in the heavier and sometimes more progressive side. “Keyhole” has been very well received and gets airplay on several radio stations across Europe and Asia. The Hard-hitting drums have been recorded in Lundgaard studios (Volbeat, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) whereas most of the other tracks have been laid down in the band’s own studio and has since then been exceptionally well mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen, Sherif at “Antfarm Studio”(Meshuggah, Ektomorf, Babymetal, etc)

Dynamic buildups and heavy melodic guitar riffs lay the foundation for House Of Secrets. The music is spiced up with a lyrical universe that tries to capture humanity's inner beast with all its facets, daemons, and hidden secrets. Originally House of Secrets was founded under another name as a cover band by guitarist Brian and drummer Morten. Later Bassist Lasse joined and the 3 guys really hit it off. After playing cover material for a couple of years, they decided to change the name and start writing their own material, drawing on the wildly different influences each person had. Finally, they found the perfect singer in Rasmus, which really kicked things into high gear. They got to the studio and recorded the first single - which was very well received. in 2017 House Of Secrets entered a competition on a danish well known venue called “Von Hatten”, where they won Audience Choice Award and the judges gave the award along the following words: With House Of Secrets you get Savage rock all the way through. Raw Stage performance which reaches all the way to the back wall and more. The performance is delivered with awesome guitar riffs, an amazing musicality and very catchy songs. The lead singer delivers a magnificent performance with raw power, tenderness, and an incredibly present authenticity. In December 2019 House Of Secrets opened for Søren Andersen(Glenn Hughes) and Mika Vandborg(Gnags) in their project “Electric Guitars”. Since the Album release, House of Secrets hasn’t slowed down one bit. Touring isn’t possible due to the worldwide pandemic, but creative juices are flowing and lots of new material is on the way. Musically, House Of Secrets is inspired by bands like Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Candlebox, Van Halen, D-A-D, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and loads of other hard rock/metal bands from the ’70s, ‘80s, and ’90s. Band Line-Up: Rasmus kamelarczyk - Vocals Brian Hansen - Guitar Lasse Pedersen - Bass Morten Hougaard - Drums CD Track Listing: 1. Better Way 2. Who’s The fool 3. Enslaved 4. Remember 5. Mescalin 6. You Oughta Know 7. Brand New Day 8. No Turning Back 9. Stuck 10. Tower 18 Web and Social Media links:

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