Brit hard rockers BLACK TREE VULTURES drop brand new video 'THE UNFORESEEN' ahead of the official single release on September 25th! The new EP 'III' is set for release, February 12th 2021.

The single boasts heavy riffs, crushing grooves, huge hooks and is the first installment of three singles from their upcoming EP 'III' - which will be released early next year. Having worked on their previous release with Grammy nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda, Black Tree Vultures wanted to expand on their sound and took the new EP to Spain to work along side producer Will Maya (The Answer) in Los Rosales Studios.

Whilst 2020 has been a write off for some, BTV have been proactive behind the scenes signing with booking agents, Roulette Media and have already been confirmed for Teddy Rocks festival, HRH Ibiza, Love Rocks and Lindos Rocks in Greece. They have also signed with Iron Road talent management and performed on the Iron Road live @ your social bubble event which was streamed on July 18th and was extremely successful. BTV have gone from strength to strength, gaining momentum and fans worldwide!

"This song started with the Chorus. Ched brought the riff to Aaron and Jonno and the song (though very different from what you hear today) grew from that. Originally titled ‘Black Limousine’ the lyrical content was very different, but after a tough experience I rewrote the lyrics to reflect this.

On a cloudy day on a Hill in North Dorset, amidst a break-up, I turned to a good friend for advice. They allowed me to view myself from the standpoint of someone else. In the song, I refer to a text or two I received in the middle of the break-up describing who I was and what I’d become. It made me realise that things are going to have to change and was a bit of a wakeup call! I think it's important to write and draw from experience when it comes to music as it makes it genuine and people can connect with it." - Celyn

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