Silvera release "No Air" video

“No Air” is the new video and single from Danish melodic hard rockers SILVERA, who have been impressing the world with the previously released songs brought the band more than 1.000.000 plays on Spotify. The new single is another preview of Silvera debut album “Edge Of The World”, to be released in October, and follow the same elegant and sophisticated take on hard rock that is already the trademark of the four musicians. "The song tries to capture that feeling, when you are stuck in a certain place or certain circumstance and you are not able to get out", guitarist/vocalist Michael Krogh declares. "Therefore you are forced to keep doing the same thing, day after day. The mind tells you that, that is the right thing to do, but inside you're slowly dying, because you are ignoring the real side of you and you become more and more numb."

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