AFTER THE FALL Announce New EP, "Welcome To The New S.A."

Still alive and kicking, without showing any signs of letting go, the Pittsburgh born and raised Modern Hard Rock / Metal band, After The Fall, return in full swing, with a quick reminder why their presence is always welcome, in the image of a new EP.

Titled, "Welcome To The New S.A.", After The Fall maintain their composure as a fine combination of the 90s driven American based Hard Rock and a crushing metallic edge of the early 00s. After The Fall approach with material that is no foreign to the public's eye, portraying real life with the possibilities of how corruption and false pretense can be avoided and acted upon.

"Welcome To The New S.A." is set for release on the 6th of November, 2020, via RFL Records


1. Shut The World Out

2. New S.A.

3. Devil Be Dammin Me Blues

4. Suicide March

5. Hanging

6. The Fight

The EP's new single, "Shut The World Out", is merely a small token of the harsh reality that has been eating up the world' social orders. Hate, conflict, racism, a kind of hell. However, there is another way, things could change, awareness and motivation to do something about it are main keys for the good fight, to unite as one.

Watch & Listen to the Lyric Video of "Shut The World Out"

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