Hillbilly Vegas Release New Single "Hell To Pay"

Oklahoma based Southern 'get it on' Rock Band Hillbilly Vegas are continuing to shift their gears and grind out their road with "Hell To Pay". Well-known for performing at all major bike rallies, Hillbilly Vegas has made "Hell To Pay" quite a 'bobber'. The band continues to bring their own stripped down unique style to the Southern Rock world. Hillbilly Vegas's music is ready for the Weekend Warrior and the Independent Citizen. Joining forces with The Label Group, Hillbilly Vegas has now made "Hell To Pay" available via INgrooves to Stream/Download - buckle up for the ride!

“Hell to Pay" was born out of exhaustion and being driven all at the same time. The grind of the never-ending road and praying we reached the end before our end. We’ve all felt like that demon called time is not far behind trying to grab us before we are ready. But mostly it’s a great song to crank up the volume and get a speeding ticket to.” - Hillybilly Vegas

"Hell To Pay" Produced by- Geraldo Dominelli, Alex Gerst, Hillbilly Vegas

Recorded by Alex Gerst at Empire Sound, Carrollton, TX

Lyric video- Scott Harris

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