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FREAKS AND CLOWNS set to release "Justice Elite" on October 16th, 2020

Classic hard rock meets modern power metal: this is the sound of FREAKS AND CLOWNS! The band, founded by ASTRAL DOORS founding member Johan Lindstedt and the singer Chrille Wahlgren, who is popular in his homeland of Sweden, is completely dedicated to honest, straightforward heavy metal. It all begin in 2017, when the two met in the studio in their hometown of Borlänge to exchange some song ideas. It soon became clear that the influences of classic heavy metal combined with modern sounds would be the path they wanted to follow together in the future. In addition to Mathias Henrysson, Mats Gesar and Ulf Lagerström were two more ASTRAL DOORS musicians who joined the band. After the impressive, self-titled debut album released by METALVILLE in October 2019, FREAKS AND CLOWNS set about putting the still-abundant ideas for new songs into practice. The 11 tracks on the follow-up Justice Elite, which will be released on October 16th, are once again taking no prisoners and pushing forward at full speed from the very first moment. FREAKS AND CLOWNS lineup CHRILLE WAHLGREN - vocals JOHAN LINDSTEDT - drums MATS GESAR - guitar MATHIAS HENRYSSON - guitar ULF LAGERSTRÖM - bass

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