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D.A.D. singer Jesper Binzer's solo album "Save Your Soul" set for release November 6t

New solo album from D-A-D singer!

Jesper Binzer has ants in his pants. Whenever D-A-D put things on halt for a while, Jesper immediately starts work on a new project, his head brimming over with ideas and opinions.The new album, entitled Save Your Soul, contains 10 song that were recorded in the Medley studio together with producer and guitarist Søren Andersen. The two worked closely together on Binzers 2017 solo debut Dying Is Easy.Like the debut, Save Your Soul was a creative and fulfilling joy to make. The catalyst was the pandemic, which left both musicians with a lot of time of their hands to write the songs that made it to the album.

Pre-order a signed CD or colored vinyl copy here : “SAVE YOUR SOUL” ALBUM TRACKLIST : 1. Life Is Moving 2. Save Your Soul 3. Don´t Let Them Make You Choose Sides 4. Move A Mountain 5. The Heart Will Find Its Way 6. Premonition 7. My Head´s Been Places 8. Drown Waving 9. What Time Is It Now 10. The Price Of Patience Cover: Jakob Rønlov & Robin Niel Hart


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