Ghosts of Sunset Release Official Video for 'Miles In-Between'


Ghosts of Sunset features rock veterans John Merchant and Todd Long who have made music for 30+ years for 615 Records Nashville, IDOL/RCA records, and independently. Their recently released single Miles In-Between, (Golden Robot Records) is a hark back to the glory days of hair metal, and one listen will transform you right back to when the Sunset Strip was THE place to be. Today Ghosts of Sunset share the music video for the track, which was recorded in quarantine, bringing the band members together via the wonders of modern technology. The track features John Merchant (Vocals, Guitar), Todd Long (Bass, Harmoney Vocals), Johnny Monaco (Ex Enuff Z’Nuff – Lead Guitar), Kent Slucher (Luke Bryan – Drums) and Brian Roth (Keyboards). "The story behind Miles In Between is once you’ve signed the big record deal, it’s time to take it on the road and share it with the world. The road is unrelenting. It changes lives, crushes relationships and can lead a trail of career ending destruction" - Ghosts of Sunset

Watch the official video for Miles In-Between below.

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