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Ex-Kiss of the Gypsy singer Tony Mitchell releases "Church Of A Restless Soul"

TONY MITCHELL is best known as being the singer & songwriter of 90s classic rock band KISS OF THE GYPSY which was signed to Atlantic Records USA/Warner Chappell.

They toured the UK and the States to showcase their debut album delivering high energy live shows to great acclaim. Songs such as “Whatever It Takes” or “Take This Old Heart” are still melodic rock classics to this day.

Mitchell has sung for RICK WAKEMAN on the album “Return To The Centre Of The Earth” and sung and played guitar for ALICE COOPER, JON ANDERSON, ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, TONY HADLEY & IT BITES on the British Rock Symphony South American tour 2000.

The artist also has spent years writing and recording for various bands, artists, TV & media, also releasing albums with KINGDOM OF DEADMEN & early solo albums.

TONY MITCHELL was also the mainman for Melodic/AOR band DIRTY WHITE BOYZ with their 2016 album release “Down & Dirty”.

In 2018, he released his solo album “Beggars Gold” to rave reviews with dynamic tracks such as “Playing With Fire” or “What You Make It”(featuring DANTE FOX’ vocalist Sue Willetts).

2020, two years in the making, Mitchell is now about to put out “Church Of A Restless Soul” which started off as a collection of 28 songs but condensed down to 13 hard hitting tracks including “The Mighty Fall” (featuring TYKETTO’s Danny Vaughn), the epic “I Believe In Angels” or the dark romantic “Killing Me To Love You”.

Musicians on this album include Danny Vaughn (TYKETTO), Tim Manford (DANTE FOX), Neil Ogden, Paul Hume (DEMON & LAWLESS /DIRTY WHITE BOYZ)), Nigel Bailey (BAILEY/3 LIONS/DIRTY WHITE BOYZ), THE ROGUES GALLERY ROCK CHOIR, Shawn Charvette & Josh Tabbie Williams (MIDNITE CITY).

Mitchell comments: “I wanted to throw the kitchen sink at this one – big hooks, huge riffs, anthemic vibes, something to get the blood flowing yet reel it in when needed. From the massive stomping rock gospel power of “Church of a Restless Soul” to the raw intro of “I Believe in Angels” using the phone recording intro how it was originally written, I just wanted it to build from nothing to this monster that it would end up to be. I think these tracks will hopefully stand the test of time and go out to all the fans that have kept the faith throughout the years, buckle up and feel the force.”

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