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Marenna-Meister to release their debut album "Out Of Reach" September 28th

Marenna-Meister is the new project of singer Rod Marenna(Marenna) and guitarist Alex Meister (ex-Pleasure Maker / Alex Meister Solo). The band presents their debut album, "Out Of Reach", which will be released on September 28th by the Danish label Lions Pride Music and features 10 extremely powerful tracks with the energy of the 80's Hard Rock and Glam Metal. With the most intense vibrations, combining her experiences of more than 25 years dedicated to this style, Marenna/Meister promotes an exciting union between melodic and striking vocals, powerful riffs and guitar solos with tons of energy to be listened to the maximum volume. "Out Of Reach" guarantees a trip back to the golden times when Hard Rock/Hair Metal ruled the world on the late 80's and early 90's, inspired by DANGER DANGER, DOKKEN, WINGER and DEF LEPPARD. For more infos, visit the website of MARENNA-MEISTER.


01 Out of Touch 02 The Price of Love 03 Gimme All You've Got 04 I Don't Wanna Lose You 05 (There's So) Many Things 06 Sleeping With The Enemy 07 It Ain't So Easy (Loving You) 08 Ride, Ride, Ride 09 Dangerous Minds 10 Feel The Hunger 11 Follow Me Up (bonus track) Producer / sound engineer: Alex Meister Recording, mixing, and mastering: Sidney Sohn Artwork: Tiago Medeiros Design: Gustavo Sazes Photographer: Eduardo Amayo e Roger Clots Line up: Rod Marenna (Vocals) Alex Meister (Guitar and Vocals) Cris Gavioli (Bass and Vocals) L.A. Tilly (Drums)

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