Maidens of Mercury release new EP "Life"

Maidens of Mercury is the first solo project of Matt Young, a versatile vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. If necessity is the mother invention, then Maidens of Mercury was born out of the need to shine a light into the darkness. The project began at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown - having started the year with a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve musically with his other musical projects and his music teaching business, Young found that, out of nowhere, all of that had to be put on hold or vanished completely. Feeling angry, confused and very uncertain about the future, he decided to channel his energies into music, facing this unprecedented situation in his own way. It all started with a single song, ‘Life,’ which was written to lift the spirits of its author. “I’ve always tried to write the music that I would like to hear. ‘Life’ is a little different, as it feels like these are the songs that I needed to hear to rediscover my purpose and motivation.” The 5 songs on the EP see Matt drawing upon his experiences during the lockdown - fighting to keep positive and stay afloat; the struggle to maintain relationships with absent friends and family whilst losing contact others; finding a way through the rapidly changing, unpredictable situation. Whilst he is known primarily as a vocalist and bass guitarist, the debut Maidens EP also showcases Young on guitar, keyboards, drums and production. From the Zeppelin-tinged refrain of “The Messenger” to the unabashed pomp rock bombast of the EP’s title track, Young paints with every colour of his musical palette to fully realise his vision as the Maidens of Mercury. "Life" landed Friday 14th August 2020 and is available now via BandCamp and all major digital platforms. A strictly limited run of 50 physical copies, hand-numbered and signed, will be released in September 2020 via Band Line-Up: All vocals and instruments performed and recorded by Matt Young CD Track Listing 1. The Messenger 2. Before The Madness 3. Slipping Away 4. Life 5. The Messenger (Reprise) Social Media Links:

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