Crossbones' Creed "Troublemaker" Album Review

' Troublemaker ' is the first studio album by Crossbones' Creed. Contain within is a mixture of hard rock, blues rock and southern rock with contemporary sound. The work over the album started in 2016 and finally the material was recorded and mixed from January 2019 to November 2019.

Maybe just the rock n roll album fans need in 2020. Crossbones' Creed have an undeniable energy that pulsates throughout each and every song.

Some highlights for me:

"Troublemaker" rocks straight out of the gate with the lead-off track "Easy Ride" setting the tone for things to come. It's a hard rocker with just a hint of southern flavor and some killer guitar to bring it all home.

The recently released single/video "Hole" starts off with a killer guitar groove, a flat out funky-rocker sorta in the vain of Extreme. Two tracks in and color me impressed.

"Where You Belong" slows things down a bit and takes the listener on a more modern sounding journey without losing any of the edge of earlier tracks.

"My Way" is a flat out southern-funk rock n roll. The band masterfully blends and mixes styles, it's refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable.

I could go track by track on this one and break down each song, but "Troublemaker" is one of those albums that harkens back to the glory days of the 80's when you could lay the needle down and love each and every song. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

The band was formed in early 2014 in Sochi (Russia). The first two years the band named Crossbones, and performed mainly covers of classic, old-school Hard-Rock. The band included Konstantin Vartanov (drums), Ed Gilyazov (guitar), Max Luganchenko (bass) and Evgeny Poznyakov (vocals, guitar). The list of the members hasn’t changed since then. Gradually, the members came to decision to create their own author's material, aimed to an international auditory. The band begins to work on the own material, make demo recordings and perform their songs at live gigs. Style of the band may be described as mixture of hard rock, blues rock and southern rock. As far as they decided to make their own stuff, the band changes its name to Crossbones' Creed.

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