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Steve Riley's L.A. GUNS Release New Single ‘Renegades’

L.A. Guns are truly on top of their game and enjoying an absolute resurgence in their long and distinguished career. Enter their new single, the title-track of their eagerly awaited upcoming album Renegades. The track is destined to become an instant classic as L.A. GUNS have managed to retain their street wise integrity whilst fitting seamlessly into today’s rock market. Renegades is the follow up to the smash singles Crawl and Well Oiled Machine (which gained a position and cover placement on Spotify’s esteemed ‘Hard Rock’ playlist. With more than 30 years of noteworthy material, LA. GUNS have positioned themselves as true heroes of the rock 'n' roll genre, bringing their iconic L.A. sound to audiences around the world. L.A. GUNS are heavily plugged into their loyal fan base, but now we are seeing material that will open the doors to a whole new group of fans!

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