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Burnt Out Wreck release their single 'Paddywack'

Burnt Out Wreck release their single 'Paddywack', taken from their album 'This Is Hell' which is out now on Burnt OutWreckords/Cherry Red. Conditions permitting, Burnt Out Wreck are confirmed to play Planet Rockstock in December 2020 and will be supporting Bonfire at the Underworld, January 2021


Gary has a colourful history as the drummer and main songwriter for Heavy Pettin’. For BURNT OUT WRECK, Gary has traded the drum stool for the microphone and has handed the drumming chair to beater Paul Gray. Adrian Dunn has been Gary’s partner in guitar crime since 1991 and was the obvious choice to be the lead guitarist. Adrian had a stint in The Sweet somewhere in the mists of time and possesses a blistering guitar style, he is the Buzz Light Year of the band as his solos go into ‘infinity and beyond’! GARY headed over the wall to the land of the kilt to recruit Alex Carmichael on bass. Alex is from Eighties band La Paz, and finally Miles Goodman, long-time friend of Gary and Adrian joined as rhythm guitarist, saying he is ‘thrilled’ to have bagged the job. GARY has his own imitable style. He is compared frequently to Bon Scott and Marc Storace and he accepts this as a compliment, his vocal style developed in Mother’s Ruin, the band that rose from the ashes of Heavy Pettin’ in 1991. There followed a few years’ hiatus until 2011 when Mother’s Ruin supported Duff McKagan, played HRH Ibiza and the Bulldog Bash, all to great reviews & press interest. In 2014, he shut the the whole operation down in favour of song writing, BURNT OUT WRECK’S inception was unexpected but welcome! ROCK AINT DEAD.... Order links:

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