Crossbones' Creed unleash "Troublemaker" release new video "Hole"

'Troublemaker ' is the first studio album by Crossbones' Creed. Music of the album is a mixture of hard rock, blues rock and southern rock with contemporary sound. The work over the album started in 2016 and finally the material was recorded and mixed from January 2019 to November 2019. The band was formed in early 2014 in Sochi (Russia). The first two years the band named Crossbones, and performed mainly covers of classic, old-school Hard-Rock. The band included Konstantin Vartanov (drums), Ed Gilyazov (guitar), Max Luganchenko (bass) and Evgeny Poznyakov (vocals, guitar). The list of the members hasn’t changed since then.

Gradually, the members came to decision to create their own author's material, aimed to an international auditory. The band begins to work on the own material, make demo recordings and perform their songs at live gigs. Style of the band may be described as mixture of hard rock, blues rock and southern rock. As far as they decided to make their own stuff, the band changes its name to Crossbones' Creed. In 2016, the band presents to public their first official record – an anthem of the local biker club “Adrenaline Hunters MC motorcycle club”. For now it’s the only Russian-language song in the band's repertoire. In the same 2016, the band cooperates with a participant of the "Voice" project (France, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium) Pierre Edel. The band gives a series of live performances with Pierre as a lead vocalist. In the same year, the band releases their first English-language single called My Way. The work on the debut full-length album took over three years due to high requirements of the band to writing, recording and mixing the material. In August 2020 the band has released their first LP called “Troublemaker”. Previously the band released their first official music video on a track called Hole. Now the band works on new songs and continues live performances. The band performed more than two hundred live gigs, and became one of the most famous and significant rock bands of their city. Band Line-Up: Evgeny Poznyakov - vocal, guitar Ed G - guitar Max Luganchenko - bass Konstantin Vartanov - drums

CD Track Listing: 01. Easy Ride 02. Hole 03. Where You Belong 04. My Way 05. Destination 06. See You Again 07. Troublemaker 08. Water Is High 09. More 10. When The Sun Goes Down Social Media Links:

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