Bloody Heels release new video for 'Black Swan'

Bloody Heels' new album, "Ignite The Sky" is one of the year's best hard rock releases. For those who haven't heard it yet and for those who have and love it, then please enjoy the band's epic new music video 'Black Swan’!

"With what can only be described as genuine hard rock sharpened on the unforgiving edge of metal, Latvian band Bloody Heels brings perspective and authenticity with an album that is anything but just another rehash of the 80’s glory days. “Ignite the Sky” is absolutely impenetrable from start to finish, bursting at the seams with explosive riffs and unstoppable energy that give wings to an album that is larger than life." - Sonic Perspectives

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Vocals - Valts Berzins (Vicky White)

Guitars - Haralds Avotins (Harry Rivers)

Bass - Gunars Narbuts (Gunn Everett)

Drums - Gustavs Vanags (Gus Hawk)

Cello on track 'Silhouette' - Erna Daugaviete

Saxophone on track 'Healing Waters' - Dagnis Rozins

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