Lyonen delivers his newest captivating metal album “This is Lyonen”

Lyonen delivers his newest captivating heavy metal/rock album “This is Lyonen.” The eleven-track release contains every element to get the listeners uplifted and crazy. Through this release, Tato Rivas delivers pure raw talent that will have listeners hooked and wanting more. The crunching riffs, atmospheric drumlines, and energy-filed vocals in “Lyonen” will deliver a high dose of energy. Tato Rivas’ talent is elegantly spelled out throughout the entire album. From the contrasting lyrics of “No Borders” to the empowering sound “Angels of Freedom,” Lyonen delivers power combined with lyrical depth. Moreover, the artist recalls a nostalgic metal sound while adding a modern rock touch. The album was produced during the quarantine time of 2020 in his home studio in Silver Spring, Maryland, United States. Through online communication with other very talented musicians from United Kingdom, Germany and United States, Lyonen put this stellar album together. Make sure you check out this record from the rising artist as he is set to carve a unique unparalleled sound that is completely his own. It’s a must-add to any playlist as it will infuse energy into you! Luis “Tato” Rivas original of Caracas, Venezuela currently based in Maryland, United States, is carrying the dream of building his name and brand in the music industry. In 2017, Tato formed the single-man metal-rock band named Lyonen that is widely associated with Heavy Metal, Power Metal, and Hard Rock holding his all-rounding position as a Guitarist, Music Producer, Composer, and Audio Engineer. Since he was a boy Tato surrounded by vinyl and tapes of bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween, Joe Satriani, started playing electric guitar in 1995 and couldn’t bring himself to stop it. Tato devoted himself to the graduation in Audio Engineering and four years of Music Studies, including Classical Guitar, and a vast additional insight into the world of Multimedia Production, Music Videos, and Photography. Lyonen works for heavy-substance music to break the records and climb with graceful steps on the charts, and to bless the audience with a new, sensational take on the genre of metal. So far, Lyonen has been indulged in unique, inspirational metal, and its Debut Album “This is Lyonen” just marked the milestone of phenomenal creation for the band – with 11 tradition-breaking songs where you will find from powerful metal riff to classic harmonized guitars, with a clear and motivational message to its audience.

Band Line-Up: Lyonen is: Tato Rivas - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards and drums programming. Special Guest: Vocals, Craig Cairns. CD Track Listing: 1- Revelation 2- Lyonen 3- No Borders 4- Nehme die Sünde 5- I am Not Wild 6- Angels of Freedom 7- Dancing Free 8- Hard to Destroy 9- Breaking the Silence 10- 2 Hours to Go 11- Outro Web and Social Media Links:

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