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TEMPT release new single 'Hot Summer Nights'

NYC’s TEMPT is releasing a new track called “Hot Summer Dreams” via this compilation. The young band has already mastered the ability to write and perform tunes that have an articulate simplicity, thereby ensuring their songs are instant and memorable.

Band members Zach Allen (vocals), Harrison Marcello (guitar), Nicholas Burrows (Drums) and Chris Gooden(Bass) wrote a song evocative of the joys of summer in lyrics and music for the compilation. “Hot Summer Dreams is our love letter to summer,” explains Allen. “We wrote it to evoke the feeling of cruising with the top down, hanging with friends, and hitting the beach. All of the things that we’re sacrificing right now but will be enjoying again soon. So crank it up like you’re at the best rooftop BBQ pool party in the world!“


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