Skol Records to reissue SYAR “Death Before Dishonour” Limited double-CD October 16th, 2020

Skol Records presents: SYAR “Death Before Dishonour”

Limited double-CD edition out on October 16, 2020

FFO: Diamond Head, Saxon, Tytan and early Def Leppard

Remastered and restored by Bart Gabriel

A reissue all the NWOBHM maniacs were waiting for! SYAR was formed in 1981, and gained local reputation by sharing the stage with other local acts, such as CHEVY or LIMELIGHT. The band started to work on a debut album entitled “Deep In The Night”, but due to various complications it was released few years later, in 1984, and entitled “Death Before Dishonour”. Shortly after that, the band disbanded, and three SYAR members joined MAINEEAXE, taking with them the songs that were supposed to land on the second SYAR album. Some of those songs were rearranged and appeared on MAINEEAXE’s second studio album, “Going For Gold”, released in 1985. But before it happened, in March and April of 1984, SYAR actually booked a recording studio, and recorded 10 songs. The recordings were lost and forgotten for more than 30 years - when in 2020 the Skol Records CEO Bart Gabriel started to work on the official reissue of “Death Before Dishonour”, one of the band members managed to locate an old tape, which is most probably the only one existing copy of the mentioned recordings! So yes: the Skol Records reissue of “Death Before Dishonour” has been extended to a double-CD edition, as it includes more than 48 minutes of previously unreleased material!

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