CRYPTEX 'Once Upon A Time' Album Review

It is this well-balanced mixture of strong

hooks, catchy melodies and a plethora of artful facets that has kept Cryptex so unusual and unique since their formation in 2008. “During our debut we were wild, impetuous and reckless, full of euphoria. Our second album sounded bulkier, a bit constipated and withdrawn”, reminisces founder, vocalist and keyboardist Simon Moskon, looking back on a history of over 250 concerts in 23 European countries and supporting tours for bands like Pain Of Salvation, Threshold & Alice Cooper, not to mention the US shows and own headliner tours.

“Once Upon A Time builds the bands first album, but with a lot more experience under their belts, as human beings, but also as musicians and composers. You can hear the new songs are created in a much more organic and liberal way, made of an endless number of colourful dots. That’s what makes this record so exciting.”

The opener and title track has a dark, almost Avantasia feel to it. ‘Bloodmoon,’ the potent and atmospheric first single is a great way to kick-off promotion for new release. ‘Two Horned Crown’ draws you in and for me is the highlight of "Once Upon a Time". Other highlights include "Reptiles", "Haunted" and "I Don't Know Why".

“Once Upon a Time” shows CRYPTEX in such a uniform way and at the same time with a enthusiasm and fervor rarely heard before. With 12 songs coming in at just over 44 minutes the band does seem to side-step one of prog rock biggest stereotypes, time.

Track listing

1. Once Upon A Time 4:04

2. Because The Reason Is You 3:29

3. Bloodmoon 5:04

4. Body Language 4:10

5. Two Horned Crown 3:22

6. Haunted 4:09

7. Reptiles 5:43

8. I Don’t Know Why 3:36

9. The Promise Keeper 3:08

10. I See It In Your Eyes 3:06

11. A Mo(u)rning 1:28

12. Leaving 2:24

13. Closer 5:10

Total running time: 48:53

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