GHOST AVENUE to release 'Even Angels Fail' on August 7th

Norway’s classic/traditional melodic metalers GHOST AVENUE are releasing their fourth studio album «Even Angels Fail» the 7th of August 2020. This is the follow-up to their critical acclaimed «Impact» from 2017. To gain full control of their music, this is the first time since the debut album «The Engraving» (2010) that the band will release an album on their own indie label. This is also the first album to feature «new» guitarist Thomas Eljarbø.

The writing prosess started over two years ago, and now the time has finally come to release some brand new music.In February 2020 the band entered Lionheart Studio in Oslo to record, yet again with engineering tehnichian Øyvind Voldmo Larsen behind the levers.

Within ten days all drums was recorded. All guitars took about four weeks to be put to tape. Then on March 12th... Boom! The corona pandemic swiped across Norway and the whole world, and everything went to lockdown. This put a quick stop to the rest of the recordings for a while. However they found a solution and recorded all lead vocals in Kim’s garage. This worked out very well and the band could continue with the recordings. Finally in May André could enter the studio again to finish up with backing vocals.

The result is a varied and blistering record of 10 strong tracks. Everything from «in your face» songslike the album opener «Best of the Best», «Take Cover» and the almost thrashy «The Fallen». Thecatchy «Hero», «Northman» and «Wasted Generation». Classic hard rockers «A violent Disturbance of the Peace», «Breakdown» and «Still Craving» and the epic title track and album closer «Even Angels Fail». Lyrically the songs contains themes like war, history, religion, lost love, addiction and a troubled society

The mastering was done at the legendary and award winning studio «The Panic Room» in Skövde,Sweden.

This is by far the bands strongest and most varied studioalbum to date. It will be released on CD and digital platforms, and later also on vinyl.

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