Retroactive Records reissue Saint's "Times End" on Limited Edition Vinyl

Saint formed in 1984 and, over the past three decades, has released 10 studio albums, charted on Billboard and been featured in Metal Edge, Circus, HM and many other magazines. In 1984, the band released the iconic Warriors of the Son EP first on Rotten Records and then again on Morada Records. The Morada Records version of the debut release featured a cover with the band in leather-n-spikes and singing about evil, the devil, and dark, apocalyptic themes that would scare the parachute pants off your youth pastor!

The success of Warriors of the Son propelled the band into the offices of Pure Metal Records. As many remember, Pure Metal Records was THE metal label of mid-80’s Christian metal fans. With Messiah Prophet, Bride, Whitecross, and Leviticus in the Pure Metal Records fold, the sky was the limit. And, of the “big four,” Saint was THE very first band signed to Pure Metal Records. And boy oh boy, did the band deliver big for the label and the fans.

In 1986, Saint would release Times End on Pure Metal Records. The album shook the powers of evil, and took Christian metal to places it had literally never been. The music was dark and heavy much like mainstream bands like Venom, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden. The band would go on to have seven of their classic albums reissues or released on Retroactive Records

2020 Retroactive Records 300 Unit Vinyl Pressing

  • 12 x12 printed inner sleeve with rare band photos and lyrics

  • Remastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound

  • Special 2020 write up by bassist, Richard Lynch

  • Part of the Metal Icon Series

  • 100 Black Vinyl

  • 200 Translucent Red Vinyl

  • First time on 180 Gram Vinyl

  • 33 rpm


On Heaven’s Metal Magazine’s Top 100 Christian Metal Albums of All-Time, music critic Chris Gatto calls the dark, apocalyptic metal of 1986’s Times End, a landmark release. With lyrics like “He wakes in darkness, the stench of burnt flesh fills the air, his chewed up body, the rats are crawling everywhere,” these songs became the anthems of a new generation. The artwork had demons rising from the sea and had many questioning if Times End was safe to listen to. The music inside was even more dangerous than the artwork - forceful, technical, filled with crunchy distortion and sinister guitar tones attached to unforgettable hooks. Thankfully, the answer was a definitive NO! Saint was dangerous and unsafe – acknowledging the real presence of evil and darkness in the world, and directing us towards the light. Times End was nothing less than a metallic freight train that came out of nowhere and floored fans left and right. The album is still crushing metal fans daily in 2020, which is why this Retroactive Records reissue offers elite packaging and an all-new remaster. This is THE definitive reissue of this classic album – so “Don’t miss the end of the world, it’s the greatest show on earth, most everybody’s got their tickets, and they’ll really get their money’s worth.” First time on 180 Gram Vinyl with a 12x12 full color printed insert featuring lyrics, band pics, and a 2020 band leader write up from bassist Richard Lynch. Remastered for Vinyl by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound this slab of molten metal wax will sound better than ever!


  • In The Night

  • Island Prisoner

  • Space Cruiser

  • Through You

  • Times End

  • Primed And Ready

  • Destroyers

  • Phantom Of The Galaxy

  • Steel Killer

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