Elvenpath release new EP “Metal o’Clock”

“Metal o’Clock” is the newest release by Frankfurt’s finest in power metal. One year after their latest album Elvenpath is now back with a new 40 minute EP called „Metal o‘Clock“ which, just like its predecessor, was recorded in the studio of Accept guitarist Uwe Lulis. It features three new songs plus a new version of last year’s „One Strong Voice“ including no less than eleven different vocalists, each of them contributing a few lines in their native tongue. What better way to celebrate the worldwide brotherhood that is heavy metal? Elvenpath has been around since 2002, delivering the goods and proving that skilful guitar paying, soaring vocals and relentless power drumming are far from dead. Elvenpath has played more than 170 shows in 13 different countries all over Europe. They performed at festivals such as Up The Hammers (Greece), Rising Fest (France) Shellshock Fest (Malta), Born To Fly festival (Italy), Dong Open Air (Germany) and countless others. They supported Skyclad on two European tours and opened up for many other well known bands such as Sabaton, Doro, U.D.O., Cage among others. Elvenpath is not another retro band that tries desperately to sound old school and is more concerned about tight pants and numerous spikes than about good songs. Neither are they oblivious to the glorious past of heavy metal. They’re rooted in the traditional style of (German) power metal but there are plenty more influences to be discovered in their music. Line Up: Dragutin Kremenovic – vocals Till Oberboßel – guitars Dimis Savvopoulos – guitars Christian Flindt – bass Erhan Söney - drums Track listing: 1. One Strong Voice 2. Rage Of Storms 3. The Hammer Shall Return 4. Cathedral Of The Earth Releases: 2002 (Demo, 2002) Gateways (Demo, 2004) Spyrol (Album, 2008) Elvenpath (Album, 2011) Wild Boars of Steel (Single, 2013) Pieces of Fate (Album, 2015) The Path of the Dark King (Album, 2019) Elvenfest (DVD, 2019) Metal o’Clock (EP, 2020) Web and Social Media Links:

www.elvenpath.com www.facebook.com/elvenpathmetal

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