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Arsenal Renegade release debut album "Genocide Apocalypse"

"Genocide Apocalypse" is the first album from Arsenal Renegade, creating a creative mix with Heavy Metal, Classic Hard Rock and some Progressive Rock. The album intents to make you want to dance while listening a Heavy stuff. The Producer of the album was Sidney Sohn who brought his experience and large music knowledge to contribute for the album sounds as it is. Anthony Ren (Guitar) and Will Bonner (Guitar) brought so much musicality and style to the project. Cláudio Givisiez (Drums) and Tonny Reapper (Bass) brought creativity and diversity. Johnny Hardy (Vocals) brought his voice, interpretation and imagination so the work could be done well. "Genocide Apocalypse" have some heavy stuffs and some beautiful ballads. It is a conceptual album which mix reality with fantasy and want to create an immersive environment to make you really feel the story like a movie or RPG. This is an album about war, life, death and apocalyptic prophecies. "Genocide Apocalypse" is available on Youtube and all your favorite streaming services.

Arsenal Renegade begins its activities in middle of 2014, when everything was very complicated, musically speaking. Although they had the living metal flame running through their veins. That pushed them in a way to work harder to become more professional instead of being in a comfort zone. The band's musicality intents to flirt with Progressive Metal as well as Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal and Classic Hard Rock. In fact, Arsenal Renegade doesn't like to be labeled, they just let their feelings speaks louder when writing music. They usually add some references from pop culture like, manga, animes, games, movies, sci-fi and books to their compositions. The band wants to bring all that references to their albums, lyrics and shows to make an conceptual work in a theatrical and immersive way. Arsenal Renegade likes to be aware to all the technological improvements in music area, so they can evolve their equipments, because this can provide more quality to their concerts. This shows how the band is always challenging themselves to improve, seeking for knowledge to transcend as musicians and professionals in music business area. The album "Genocide Apocalypse" is the materialization of everything which was said above, which means that killer guitars riffs can be easily found. Virtuos guitar solos from Anthony Ren and Will Bonner are incorporated in a magistral way within the songs, which goes from speed to beautiful ballads. The drums from Cláudio Givisiez gives the necessary weight, creativity and, technically speaking, shows the purpose of the band. Tonny Reapper's bass lines closes the kitchen of the band in a shiny way. The lyrics, together with the interpretation from Johnny Hardy mold totally the style of the band. His singing way invokes exciting plots that make the audience feel like in a good RPG. "Genocide Apocalypse" is a conceptual album which mix reality with fantasy when it tells the story of a captain and a soldier who, in the middle of a battlefield see the hideous figure of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. While this scene is happening the whole world is impacted with a bizarre changing of reality. Sinister creatures emerge terrifying the people while the war is happening. The crossing of the four horsemen through the opening between the real and spiritual plan causes several dimensions portals to appear around the world and with the arrival of the horseman from the death, a lots of people become zombies. "Genocide Apocalypse" also tells several events in many different places around the world. In the music called "Let me be a hero: The Agreement" for example, we can follow the bad days of John Kyle, a british soldier who faced an enemy army, through a rigorous winter in East Russia. As the army marched, hunger and cold intensified for them, who by that time were almost buried in the snow. Under enemy offensives the situation became even more unsustainable. Then Kyle meet his fate with death after being shot by shrapnel from a grenade. But something bizarre happens in that place. A dense black mist surrounds his body and in an after death experience Kyle slowly open his eyes and realizes that everything around him seems to be moving in slow motion. Deep in the mist there is a figure with gigantic proportions in height, but slender, wearing a great black cloak emerges calling by his name. Then Kyle found himself against no one less than Death itself. In the frenzy of the situation he had barely realized that he was dead and now bargaining with Death itself. Desperate to get back his life to fight once again, Kyle, without thinking about, accepts a deal and then the creature gives to him a hand grenade so he can keep fighting in the war. The hand grenade was not ordinary, but a demonic grenade with an sobrenatural overpowering potential. Now, Kyle had your life back and an unusual protection by his side, although the creature gives to him a dark warning about how he would pay that debt. Interestingly Kyle with his troops, they manage to turn the tables and his country manages to win the war that year, but a price that Kyle would have to pay, sooner or later. This and other stories can be found in "Genocide Apocalypse" which was released at June 2020. Coincidentally this album was released in a dark time for the world population. Maybe it could contains messages between the lyrics of this album. Maybe these messages can helps us to understand about how to live better in our society haunted by so many calamities described in the last days prophecies. Band Line-Up: Johnny Hardy - Vocals Anthony Ren - Guitar Will Bonner - Guitar Cláudio Givisiez - Drums Tonny Reapper - Bass CD Track Listing: 1. Beyond The Battlefield 2. Prophecy 3. Messengers of Armageddon - PT 1 4. Messengers of Armageddon - PT 2 5. Dark Memories 6. Coming Home 7. Crossfire 8. C4-Chimera 9. Lilies Of The Valley 10. Dramatic Rescue - Act 2 11. Let Me Be A Hero - "The Agreement" Social Media Links:

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