HELLBENDER release "American Nightmare"

American Nightmare is the 3rd studio album from Northern California band Hellbender. Eight original songs that unfold a sonic apocalyptic landscape, similar to their second record, Falling Down. The songs blend a mixture of old and new school Metal.

American Nightmare features DRI drummer Rob Rampy. Recording took about six months at Beyond the Oak Studios, in Santa Rosa California, with our Production team Ty Sowers and Julian Kidd,and was mixed and masterd in Woodside California by Nick Botelo. Hellbender formed in 2012 in Petaluma California from two lifelong friends Clee and Eric who have been in several bands together since 1995. We started Hellbender with the idea of making the band as heavy as possible. With old school sounds such as Maiden, Judas Priest, Sabbath, Metallica, and a new school twist like Lamb of God, Mastadon, Hatebreed, Nirvana. we wanted to write songs with catchy hooks and memorable. Our singer Dollar Bill joined the band in 2013 and our first record "Steel Blood & Bone" in May 2014 and started playing gigs around the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles. In 2016 we released our second album "Falling Down" in August, produced by Nick Botelo and Julian Kidd, we also put out two videos for the album directed by Mike Sloat. In May and June of 2017 we went on a U.S. Tour with Destruction, Warbringer, and Jungle Rot and ended the year playing with Death Angel at their annual Christmas show. By 2019 we added drummer Rob Rampy {DRI Fame} and started working on our current album "American Nightmare" using the same production team as our last album and made our first video off this album "Rosa". Soon after that we got picked up by No Life til Metal Records with the help of Terry Maryniuk who is associated with Metal Church. Hellbender has played with tons of bands over the years but some of the bigger ones are Act of Defiance, Prong, Trauma, Blind Illusion, Skitzo, Cultural Warfare, The Hoods, Madrost, Dr. Know, Night Demon, The Ghost Next Door,Niviane, The Venting Machine, and Hatriot just to name a few.

Band Lineup: Clee - Guitars Eric Lee Harris - Bass Dollar Bill - Vocals Rob Rampy - Drums CD Track list: 1- Left with Nothing 2- Pure Hate 3- Born Dead 4- Rosa 5- End of Days 6- American Nightmare 7- Winter's Bone 8- In Hell Web and Social Media: www.hellbender707.com https://www.facebook.com/hellbender707 https://www.instagram.com/hellbender

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