The band MARENNA, led by singer and composer Rod Marenna, released their new EP, “Pieces Of Tomorrow” on all main digital platforms early this year. This release showcases a new phase, showing a more mature sound while still keeping their roots. The band now mixes their classic Melodic Rock/AOR 80's influences with a more modern contemporary rock sound in their writing and also production-wise. The band’s main influences are bands such as: Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey and H.E.A.T.


01. Getting Higher

02. Pieces Of Tomorrow

03. Break My Heart Again

The EP Line-up:

Rod Marenna (Vocals)

Luks Diesel (Keyboards)

Alex Reck (Lead Guitar)

Jonas Godoy (Bass and Rhythm Guitars)

Arthur Schavinski (Drums)

Production, Mixing and Masteringby Jonas Godoy at Linha Sonora Studios, Caxias do Sul -Brazil.Special Guests:Arthur Appel (vocal production of all tracks and bass on "Break My Heart Again" and Acauã Montiel, keyboards on "Getting Higher".

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