ELLISON SCOTT releases debut solo album "Stay In The Sun"

Ellison Scott is the debut solo project of Canadian songwriter/producer Scott Harnish. Scott’s sound is a mingling of the classic rock eras of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, with a strong focus on both acoustic and electric guitar, and layered vocal harmonies. Influenced by the music of his youth, Scott has put together Stay In The Sun, an EP of lyrical guitar-based tracks, each with a classic guitar solo. It is available now on all major streaming services. The story of this EP is a story of convergence. In 2014 Scott reunited with his friends and band-mates in Fluid after a 10 year hiatus. Over the next several years they played a handful of shows and started writing for a new album, but scheduling conflicts prevented them from ever entering the studio. Fast forward to March 2020 when they were able to schedule some new rehearsals with an eye towards making a new album a priority, and then Covid-19 put the world under lock-down. Faced with an uncertain future, and what seemed like yet another obstacle to releasing new mu-sic, Scott decided to forge ahead with a solo release. “I had done songwriting demos of 3 of the songs with the idea that they would go on the next Fluid record. Once the lockdown was put in place, not only could the band not rehearse, I suddenly had a lot of free time because my pub gigs were all cancelled.” The song “The Future Is Frightening” gave him the final push he needed to release the other 3 songs. “When I started writing that song on April 12th, I knew that I had to act and put out an EP. By May 12th I had released a lyric video, and the EP was released 3 days later.” The EP title “Stay In The Sun” comes from the chorus of this song, and is meant as a reminder that even at the best of times the future is always uncertain, and a positive outlook is just as important in times of trial. “The Future Is Frightening” is a lyrical commentary on mental health and coping with isolation. Themes that are echoed in the EP’s remaining 3 tracks.

Band Line-Up: Scott Harnish (Elise Besler, Fluid) - vocals / guitar / bass / programming / producer Track Listing: 1. The Future Is Frightening 2. Take A Little Trip 3. Alright, Ok 4. Too Many Times Social Media Links: http://www.ellisonscott.com

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