UNION KAIN Releases Dark Official Lyric Video for Old Testament Inspired Metal Single, "The Mas

South Florida based Metal band UNION KAIN has released the dark, visually intense lyric video for their powerful metal single, "The Master." Directed by Jacob Glover, "The Master" is the second single off of their upcoming, debut EP, Black Dawn.

“’The Master’ is Union Kain’s version of the retelling of the story of Cane and Abel from the many perspectives of the Old Testament, both Christianity and Judaism. It is a story we enjoyed as children in Sunday school and for whom part of our band name is taken. The question lies with who is The Master? The devil, the serpent, Lilith or Eve --- or, is it all the same?

When looking for a way to create a visual that reflected the tone and story for the lyric video, we selected Jacob Glover out of Atlanta. Aside from the Union Kain dragon logo, the video imagery reflects the old biblical stories that inspired the song. It was important to give the video an aged look while at the same time being edgier and true to our fiery cover, and the depths of hell brought to the modernization of the devil...looking at the bloodied skull representing death and evil. The evil intent behind the devil's trickery to destroy innocence and poke a finger in G-d's eye." - UNION KANE


Track List: 1. Battles Within 2. Black Dawn 3. Lake Of Fire 4. Persistence 5. Plan B 6. The Master 7. Waiting For The World To End 8. Your Own Kind

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