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ROYAL GLAM Unleash Debut Album A ’n’ E

June 29, 2020


A ’n’ E is the debut album from Royal Glam, who’s sound is a melting pot of 80’s metal genres, bringing together elements of Glam and Hair Metal along with the New wave of British Heavy Metal. Forged from the combination of recordings made in 2010 with other recordings made in 2013, 2016 and 2020 to create a powerfully modern sounding album. “A ’n’ E” is available on all of your favourite streaming platforms.

Royal Glam began during school break times at Treorchy Comprehensive in 2010, where Corey and Steffan took an interest in music with high pitch vocals. This interest resulted in both of them competing to see who could get the higher note. But at the time they were basing their high pitch vocals on Michael Jackson and Iron Maiden, unaware that there was a whole world of over the top music out there waiting for them. Thanks to YouTube, they discovered Jim Gillette of the Hair Metal band Nitro and his instructional video “Vocal Power”. The combination of his ridiculous vocals and the stuffed crotch of his jeans set them on a journey of discovery and adventure through the Glam and Hair Metal genre to ultimately where they decided to form a Glam Metal band.

 The band self recorded their first demo “A ’n’ E.P” in the winter of 2010 and released it early 2011. Despite the shaky production it was still well received due to its fun and over the top nature. Original drummer, Richard “Dicky” Mears, was replaced with Greg Waters shortly after the release of the demo and the band entered its most active gigging period, where they gained notoriety thanks to their full glam attire (wigs if necessary, leather and spandex) and music that nobody had the likes of since the 80’s.

John Stewart replaced Greg Waters on drums late 2011 and was behind the kit for Royal Glam shows 2012-2013 including their last gig in 2013 at Surface Festival, Cardiff where the dust seemed to have settled.

But in 2020, 7 years after the bands last performance and 10 years since the first demo they have risen from the ashes to put together a new release - “A ’n’ E”

Band Line-up:
Steffan Denton - Lead Guitar and Lead Vocals
Corey Carruthers-Bell - Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals
Ieuan Williams Bass - Bass
John Stewart - Drums

CD Track Listing:
1. Devile o’ Woman
2. Ain’t Gotta Scratch on You
3. Emergency
4. Business ’n’ Pleasure
5. Whispers of the Ocean
6. Vendetta
7. Revenge

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