TRUST AND BETRAYAL unleash "Soulbeast"

"Trust & Betrayal" is the second album from the band in the vein of Hard Rock and Classic Heavy Metal combined with a new edge. The lyrics throughout tend to focus on the positive side, empowering the listener. The individual members of the band are influenced by classical music, 80's "Hair Metal", and good old Rhythm & Blues, but what they all have in common is the love for "head banging", from the likes of bands that formed the NWOBHM to the Thrash Metal of the 90"s. They are available on dozens of streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and Pandora. Back in the 90's Michael was doing demos in his house for fun while in graduate school, and he met Scot who was an undergraduate student who loved Heavy Metal just like he did. Michael had been doing demos at home as a hobby and with a more "melodic" voice, he needed someone with a more "metal" tone to bring some of his ideas to life. So one day while working out at the gym, Michael saw Scot and asked him for a spot with a heavy lift. Right there the discussion turned to music and they found they loved a lot of similar bands. Scot agreed to come over and do the vocals on a song that needed a "hard rock" voice on one of Michael's ideas. To be honest, it wasn't the best song, but they found that they had a strong bond in musical tastes as well as how they saw life. Together they wrote enough demos to cover 3 albums and they sold them by word of mouth on cassettes they had designed themselves. And all of them were recorded on a four track cassette machine in a basement! During that time Michael had written music for a ballad which he put on hold since he didn't know what he would do with it. When Scot heard it he asked if he could use it. "Sure, no problem", Michael responded without much thought. Scot snatched it up and wrote a love song to his fiance' at the time, but never shared it with her. And then a wedding date was set. Without his bride's knowledge, Scot asked Michael to announce their first dance as husband and wife at their wedding reception, replacing the song the couple had chosen with one that they had written. His new wife, Diane, had no idea what was up, but after the dance there was not a dry eye in the house.

Fast forward 20 years and Michael had relocated hundreds of miles away… "Hey man, what's up?", Michael said as he answers the phone to Scot's call. It had been awhile since they spoke but the bond was still there. "Diane and I are gonna celebrate our 20th anniversary and I wanted to know if you'd fly up and redo our song in a professional studio? I want to surprise her." "Shit", Michael responded with a sigh, "I haven't even really picked up my guitar since I left. It's no fun doing songs by yourself so I really stopped playing. Too busy with work and all. I've done a couple R&B things with a friend of mine down here but that's about it". Still, their friendship was strong and Michael agreed, putting his nose to the grindstone and practiced his butt off for a couple of months. The duo then actually re-recorded 3 songs and Diane got a great surprise on their anniversary. But the one session got the guys revved up and so they set up another session. In Michael's eyes he knew he was a rhythm guitarist and bassist but that his lead guitar skills were not his strong point. Unashamed, he knew it. The guys loved the fun they had in the studio and wanted to go further, but Michael knew he needed someone who could really do justice to their songs and sent out a Craigslist ad. A couple people responded and they either had demands or just plain sucked. Yet one day a response came in. Enter Raul. This guy had chops! And beyond that, he saw himself as "just another guy" who wanted to play without the drama many bands have. He also had a lot in common with Scot and Michael in his taste of bands and music. The original 2 guys gave him free reign to do what he heard in his head and felt was best. But boy could Raul rock! Humbly and tentatively Raul came into the studio and laid down some amazing tracks to the songs that had already been started. He was the perfect fit for the two longtime friends. Album one, “Thirst For Life”, was completed. With a strong bond now formed between the 3 of them, this second album "Trust & Betrayal" was finished and released. Recorded at Blue Moon Studios under the direction of Paris Hollins, whose history includes contributing his skills on at least 5 Grammy Award winning songs and albums, it was a true collaboration between them all. Some of the strongest songs are presented on the album, and if you like some classic heavy metal then this is one you want to check out. Band Line-Up: Scot Shreiber: Lead Vocals, drums and percussion Michael Horvath: Rhythm Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards, and background vocals Raul Presas: Lead and Rhythm Guitars Paris Hollins: Chief Engineer and Producer, Blue Moon Studios, Columbus Ohio CD Track Listing: 1. Trust 2. Betrayed 3. Cries 4. Amazing Life 5. Rise Above 6. You Can't Bring Me Down 7. Stand Up (Fearless) 8. Walk In My Shoes 9. Shattered Heart 10. One Of A Kind 11. A Hard Day 12. Warhammer Social Media Links:


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