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SEEKER Honors the Memory of Lead Singer's Recent Passing

The 80s Heavy Metal band, Seeker, is giving away a free MP3 download of their song "Metal Rage," as a way to pay tribute to the band's late singer Frankie D (Frank Dorizio), who was tragically killed on a Arizona highway this past March 4th while working as a member of the state's Department of Transportation.

"It’s never easy losing someone,' said Seeker guitarist Mick Michaels.”Frankie was such a dynamic personality…it just doesn't seem real."

“Metal Rage,” available as a free download, is part of a tribute effort to raise awareness for road worker safety nationwide and as a reminder to all drivers to be more responsible when behind the wheel.

Download "Metal Rage" here:

"We want to pay tribute to a friend while making people aware of the dangers of not having complete focus while driving. Accidents do happen, but stuff like this can be avoided," Michaels said.

"Metal Rage," which was co-written by Frankie D, appears on Seeker's 1990 EP, "Thunder Advocate," which received an all new reissue last December through Heaven and Hell Records (US).

"Having the music resurface after 30 years is an amazing thing,” Michaels added. “Metal Rage was Frankie's song...sharing it for free with the fans would be something Frankie would have wanted to do."

Seeker is also making available for purchase a limited number of "Thunder Advocate" reissue CDs exclusively through their official website,

A portion of the proceeds from the CD sales will be donated to the American Traffic Safety Services Foundation. Fans are invited to make personal donations directly to the foundation by visiting

Download "Metal Rage" here:

Check out Seeker at: Official: Facebook:

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