WILD ROAD ROLLERS unleash "Imperial Stout Motor Oil"

“Imperial Stout Motor Oil” is our way of expressing free feeling and lifestyle. This first long play includes the three songs from our first E.P. "Dirty Rock and Roll Brew" 2017 but with better sound. The band's history begins with a love for biker culture and Hard Metal music and the way the band wants to present it to the world. It all starts on November 15, 2015, Lou Angelson (Ered, Unharmed, Hammer Pantheon, Black Spitfire, A Furious Stone), created W.R.R. "The True Band Of Beers", with the idea of sharing stories of music, beers and motorcycles. Lou Angelson (guitar / vocals), Jose “McDraugh” Valero on drums (Ered, Unharmed, Black Spitfire) and Xavi Teeth, they start creating songs together. The band's crushing bass sound impressively blends with the Rocker attitude and ragged vocals, including some riffs reminiscent of the genre's parents. The first work "Dirty Rock and Roll Brew" E.P. (self-produced) is recorded in May 2017, consisting of three songs (I Should Be In Hell, No Brother Left Behind, Before I Count To Three), recorded, mixed and mastered by Oscar Ax at AX Studios Barcelona. The band's first show is on May 26, 2017 in the legendary Rocksound venue in Barcelona, with the unexpected release of Xavi teeth, the concert is presented in power duo format.In January 2018 Jose "McDraugh" Valero left the band and Lou continued with Albert "Boni" (current drummer) and bass session friend of the band "Shogoth" (Ered, A Furious Stone, Onirophagus, Estertor) temporarily. They spend a year of rehearsals and composing, until January 2019 that Rick Dickman (Estertor, A Furious Stone (Drummer)) (current bass) enters the band and they start to roll around the city giving several concerts.

In November 2019 the band organized a small-format Festival in the Upload hall, RifleRiff Fest, in charge of opening the festival for national and international bands.In January 2020 they enter Moontower Studios with Javi Felez to record "Imperial Stout Motor Oil". They have the collaboration of Jose Maria Ruiz (Hammond) and Caio Pastore “Diablero” (12 strings guitar) in the ballad Hangover Day. The album recorded and mixed by Javi is sent to Brad Boatright to master at Audiosiege Studios-Portland. Oregon. The album features a veritable avalanche of pounding riffs and a deep, heavy sound. The album is released digitally on March 22, 2020 and in June the limited edition vinyl edition is launched with a gift beer in the pack, created for the band by the artisan brewer Cartos Tro (Tro Ales).Currently recovering canceled show dates, looking for new dates and looking forward to presenting the album live.

Band Line-Up: Lou Angelson: Guitar/Vocals Albert “Boni”: Drums Rick Dickman: Bass CD Track Listing: 1. I Should Be In Hell 2. Fire Thunderbomb 3. Road Bastards 4. Hangover Day 5. Green Illusions 6.Desert Chaos 7. Rocker God 8. Restless 9. No Brother Left Behind 10. Before I Count To Three Social Media Links: https://www.facebook.com/wildroadrollers/


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