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Austrailian rockers RED VOID release "Phase II"

‘Phase II’ is Red Void’s second release. This album represents the second phase of the sequences and writing for these songs. Red Void is about letting the track go where it wants to and letting the music breathe with its performers. Fundamentally it is three musicians playing at their hardest and having a really good time doing it. These songs began as jams between a father, Simon, and son, Christopher, and with the addition of drummer, Liam, over time grew into more structured and dynamic songs. Red Void was formed in 2009 by father-son duo, Simon and Christopher Cockell. With Christopher starting out on bass and later taking interest in six-string in 2014, Simon also originally being a bassist picked it up again. Jam sessions with a drum machine grew into simple songs, and the need for a real drummer was evident. In 2015 drummer Liam Newitt-Clark joined the band. The stylistic vision was always pretty clear: an instrumental power trio where in place of vocals are psychedelic spaced out guitar solos. Tighter sections with hard riffs mixed with loose spacey jams. The finished songs on “Phase II” were refined from long simple jams, evolving over the course of around 4 years, to be what they are on the release. Some DIY recording sessions in Liam’s basement led to some rough takes of the songs as well as a few impromptu jams which were compiled into a 32 minute release titled “Red Void EP”. This garnered some interest in the band and they began booking a few gigs in the local Hobart scene. In early 2019 Liam’s brother, Hamish Mathieson, expressed interest in recording the band and the album “Phase II” was recorded at his home studio in Dodges Ferry. “Phase II” was released on the 1st of May 2020. Red Void takes inspiration from many classic rock bands such as Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Cheer, UFO, Mountain, Cream, and The Human Instinct as well as bands from the stoner rock scene like Earthless, Sleep, Nebula and Los Natas.

Band Line-Up: Christopher Cockell – Lead guitar, Theremin Simon Cockell - Bass guitar Liam Newitt-Clark - Drums CD Track Listing: 1. Super Six 2. Pyroclastic Surge 3. The Red Void 4. Violent Universe 5. Hypervacuum 6. Alizarin Crimson 7. Ultra Electrical Discharge 8. Solardome Social Media Links:

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